Big thanks to all Blogger Buddies and readers


Addiction of posting posts– Usually I write in Hindi, but today I decided to write in English, so that my thanks can reach out to all my friends. Blog world was completely alien for me, when I started writing, but now I am addicted to it.

Credit goes to my blogger friends- All credit goes to blog world and my blogger friends. Each and every like, vote, view, opinion and comment are precious to me. It motivates me, and gives strength for further writing.

The Economic Times – As usual, today morning I was going through the daily” The Economic Times”. I saw a catchy headline “ New Kids on the Blog: CEOs” (pg 10, dated 17 th July 2015). CEOs of MNCs have started blogging, using it as strong tool for healthy communication. The daily says “ The blogs are a channel of communication and engagement. They help build feedback loops, create an environment of trust.

A beautiful blogger buddy of mine had a dilemma “ a pen is mightier than a sword”?. Yes, it depends on the situation, whether you are in a battle ground or blog spot. So, I would suggest you all to play with words, carve your own world and enjoy life. Keep on reading and writing .

 Thanks once again my blogger buddies and readers.


image taken from internet.


14 thoughts on “Big thanks to all Blogger Buddies and readers

  1. Thank You you too mam, for reading me.
    Recently i had written a hindi poem “Dil kahta hai kalam chhod ab banduk utha lu” M also confused which is mightier, a pen or sword/

    Keep Writing n Stay Blessed.
    Jai Shri Krishna!

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