life- poetry जिंदगी -कविता

The philosophy of life and sea waves are similar.

They return , whatever is give  to them.

जिंदगी अौर सागर की लहरें

एक सी लगती हैं। 

जो दो
कभी ना कभी वापस
लौटाती हैं जरुर।

जिंदगी अौर सागर का फ़लसफा

शायद एक है।



52 thoughts on “life- poetry जिंदगी -कविता

  1. Hi Rekha,

    You have said it rightly, ocean and life they don’t keep anything with them, indeed they are bound to return.

    You have captured real philosophy of life, shows your deep understanding about life.

    You’re such wonderful blogger, keep sharing !😊

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      1. I am a great nature lover Rekha Ji and I try to spend as much time with the nature as possible for me. Hence I do endorse the thought that nature is the greatest teacher for the human-beings.

        Jitendra Mathur

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