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खून की कीमत -कविता 6 lakh litres of blood wasted


The Times of India,    The Economics Time     zee news  Apr 24, 2017, India

No coordination between blood banks and hospitals, 6 lakh litres of blood wasted in five years.

New Delhi: Indicating that there is serious gaps in the country’s blood banking system, over 28 lakh units of blood and its components were wasted in five years by banks across India, as per a report.

India, with its population of 1.2 billion people, requires 12 million units of blood annually, however, only nine million units are collected every year. The country faces a blood shortage of three million units. It is said that NCR alone faces a shortage of 1,00,000 units per year.

खून की कमी से,

लोग मर जाते हैं,

कितने इसे खरीद नहीं पाते,

 और हम बड़ी-बड़ी बातें करते हैं,

पर बड़ी-बड़ी बातों का मूल क्या है ?

हमें संभालना  तक नहीं आता है

किसी ने कहा,  इन खबरों को

दिल पर ना ले।

                                                                    यह नासमझी की हमारी,


परंपरा  पुरानी है।

जीवन अौर मौत  के बीच झुलते लोगों से पूछो,

इसका मोल क्या है?


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I am PhD. in Psychology, a PGDM in HR, hold a certificate in Child Guidance and Counsel ling and a writer, not necessarily in that order. My work experience includes teaching MBA students in Usha Martin and Amity Colleges in Patna and teaching Psychology in various college of Patna to B.A. and M.A. students and to law students in Swami Vivekanand law College in Lucknow. I've also taught primary school students in DPS, Dhanbad. I got married at the age of 19, in my first year of BA Psychology Hons. I finished my studies and developed my interest in women and children studies in India. My thesis is about the urban, educated Indian women. I have written Hindi articles for Hindustan, Dhanbad and the MA Psychology study course for Nalanda Open University in Patna. My interest in writing is something that happened subconsciously. But lately, after having written deep, psychological and spiritual articles and having produced books for Post Graduate Psychology students, I realized how much I love writing for children. I find it refreshing and heartening to write about their innocence, faith, fears and fearlessness. My two daughters have grown on a staple diet of magic and fairy tales and I must confess that I have enjoyed their childhood perhaps more than they did themselves. I wish to keep writing for these little people who are the bright future of our country, our civilization and our world.

47 thoughts on “खून की कीमत -कविता 6 lakh litres of blood wasted

  1. In our institute they maintain a database of volunteer blood donors, with their contact numbers/addresses. They are contacted in cases of emergency/requirements. If a particular case could not be served by the volunteers, they send an all-user notification.

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  2. आपने जो कहा है, ठीक कहा है रेखा जी । अलगरज़ी तो हम हिंदुस्तानियों की आदत में शुमार है । पानी हो या ख़ून, उसका मोल तो वो ज़रूरतमन्द ही जानता है जिसे वह वक़्त पर नसीब नहीं होता । जो तन लागे, सो तन जाने ।

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    1. बिलकुल ! पर ऐसी ख़बरे पढ़ कर तक़लीफ़ होतीं है. अक्सर लोगों को खून का इंतजाम करने के लिये परेशान होते और लोगों को रक्त दान करते देखा है.

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    1. हम लोगों में जिम्मेदारी की भावना कम होती जा रहीं है , जो चिंता की बात है. मुझे जो news परेशान करती है , उसे अक्सर आपलोगों से share करती हूँ.

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      1. मुझे जो बाते पसंद नहीँ आती या जो बाते मुझे परेशान करती है. उन पर मैं ज़रूर लिखती हूँ.

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      2. सीधी बात बोलने की पुरानी आदत है मेरी. अब सीधी बाते लिख भी देती हूँ. आपको यह पसंद आई , यह मेरे लिये अच्छी बात है. शुक्रिया. 😊

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      3. Sab ki apni apni writing style hoti hai. aapkaa tarika bhi achchaa hai.
        Likhne ka majaa darasal tab hai jab vah padhne vaale ke dil me utar 😊😊 jaaye.


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