कलाकार- कविता Playing with the Placards

Editorial of The Indian Express  April 26, 2017

It is one of actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s shortest, simplest and strongest performances. Appearing in a video just over one minute in length, the actor holds up a series of placards; these read, in succession: “I got a DNA test done. The result showed I was 16.66 per cent Hindu, 16.66 per cent Muslim…”, covering Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism and world religions too. With each placard, Siddiqui wears stereotypical “markers” — a Hindu caste daub, a Muslim sherwani-topi, a Sikh turban, Buddhist robes. At the end, a placard concludes: “When I discovered my soul, I found that I am a 100 per cent artist”. Saying no lines, Nawazuddin’s video says a lot, for it speaks against power at several levels.

बिना बोले,

 सब कुछ,

बोलना भी एक कला है।

हम झगङ रहे हैं,

जात-धर्म, रंग , देश , सीमा……..

जैसी बातों के लिये।

क्यों एक अच्छे इंसान के रुप,

में जी नहीं सकते  हम ?

News courtesy  The Indian Express, image from internet.


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