My Top Tips for Being Positive+


If you read my last post (My First Blog) you’ll know that being positive can be really hard sometimes. Its so easy to get carried away with dwelling on the negative things that happen in our lives, especially when we have our really down days. For instance, It might be hard to sit and think about how that nice man held the door open for you this morning, when you got made redundant that afternoon; It might be equally as difficult to look at being made redundant, and focus on the exciting new beginnings and opportunities that may enter our lives now, rather than the newly present worry of money. It might also be the situation that your life is absolutely fine, everything is going amazingly, but for some reason, you just can’t seem to see the positives in life, you constantly feel down and you look for the negatives as a…

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9 thoughts on “My Top Tips for Being Positive+

  1. Thank you mam for sharing.This time to motivate myself ,I need a lot to read such kind of positive content.My problem is I try to be stick to my routine which is good for me,but many time I fail in it and then I loose hope .😐Sometimes I pass nd sometime fail.Its bit difficult for me to stick to a routine .Have you any tips to overcome from this problem?

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    1. welcome Shayra, don’t worry, its a common problem, specially when we are disturbed. Actually Pass n fail is part and parcel of life . It gives us lesson .
      you may do self counselling and meditation. I hope it will help you.


      1. Yes,mam thanks a lot for your advice.I do meditation but time is not fixed .I lack in regularity which sometime make me feel like I’m not good for anything ,but still each day I wake by new hope and try again.

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      2. if that is your weak point, don’t fix time. just do these two things . One more thing is Important for you , Accept yourself, as you are. your positive attitude is your biggest strength. 🙂


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