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अकेलापन कभी डराता है, कभी सहलाता है।

कभी ख्वाबों ख़यालों में ले जाता है….


कवितायें- कहानियाँ जन्म लेने लगतीं हैं

नये वजूद- चरित्र, मित्र बन

गले में बाहेँ डाल

अपनी दुनिया में खींच ले जाते हैं !!!!!!

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Rocky romance — Nigel the gannet

‘World’s loneliest bird’ found dead next to concrete lover


Nigel the gannet died as he lived — alone and surrounded by phonies.

The bird arrived on New Zealand’s Mana Island a few years ago, drawn by a colony of highly realistic concrete gannets and recordings of bird songs blasted out over loudspeakers.

The charade was part of an effort by conservationists to lure gannets to the island and establish a new colony.