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चेहरा क्या है?

ईश्वर प्रदत उपहार….

हमारे उम्र अौर विचारों की छाया।

पर ये लफ्ज , ये बोली,

 सच्चाई का  आईना है

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अोस नहीं अश्क

गगन से झुक कर पूछा चाँद ने

क्यों आँसू बहा रहे हो?

सामना करो कठिनाईयों का

किसी को फिक्र नहीं तुम्हारे  अश्रुयों की । 

लोग इन पर कदम रखते गुजर जायेंगें।


जिन पर तुम्हारे कदम पङे हैं

वे अोस नहीं मेरे अश्क हैं।

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Arjuna The Victor

The beauty about the Mahabharata, is that there are many profound anecdotes embedded in the fabric of the story, some in mainstream versions, some in folklore. The purpose of these tales is really to give a deeper understanding of the characters, and more importantly, a deeper understanding of ourselves. They act as windows through which one can peep into one’s own personality. To argue about their historic genuineness would be to completely miss the whole point of these parables.

Once, Krishna asked Duryodhan to bring before him one completely good person, without a spot of evil. Duryodhan, who usually did not take Krishna seriously, oddly took interest in this project. He set off on his chariot to search for the perfect human being. After combing his entire kingdom, he came back and confidently announced to Krishna that there was absolutely no one.

“Not even your cousin the gentle Yudhishtir?” asked…

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