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My Magarpatta Cyber City , Pune, Maharashtra, India

Posted by Chandni Sahay

Magarpatta is a beautiful, eco-friendly, green cyber city . It has schools,  Temple,  commercial zone, residential neighbourhoods, a multi specialty hospital, Season shopping mall, multiple restaurants, a gymkhana and a large park called Aditi Garden.

Misty Mist Fountain Welcomes the visitors.


Clean and wide roads , trimmed grasses n hedges !!!!!

Another beautiful water fountain……..

Calm and quiet Mahalaxmi Temple.


Gymkhana – Gym, Beauty parlour, club  swimming pool and steam bath , all in one place.


Season shopping mall


     Greenery of Aditi Garden.


 famous and   beautiful Amanora Shopping mall just opposite  side of  Season’s mall

All images courtesy – Rekha Sahay.

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धागा हो   जिंदगी हो  या   जीवन की उलझी डोर 

सुलझाना कभी कभी कठिन हो जाता है .

कभी उलझने  सुलझाने में और उलझ जाती है .

और कभी लगता है डोर हीं ना टूट जाये .