Kabir: Songs of a weaver-11

He wove the sheet

So fine, so fine,

What was the wrap?

What was the weft?

What was the thread

With which he wove the sheet?

Eda and pingla,

The warp, the weft

Sushumna the thread

With which he wove the sheet.

He spins the eight petalled lotus ,

As his spinning wheel,

With five elements

And three great qualities

He weaves the sheet.

He weaves the sheet through 10 months

Inner in a mothers womb,

Beating in the weft,

Testing and checking

Every strand,

He weaves the sheet

Saints and humans.

Wrap themselves in his sheet,

But the wrapping soils the sheet

So fine, So fine.

His servant Kabir

Wraps himself in the sheet

With effort and care,

He keeps it spotlessly clean,

this sheet, so fine,, So fine

Kabir Vachanavali,

Refrain: jhini jhini bini chadariya.

Kabir: songs of a weaver- 10

Separate us?

pierce a diamond first.

We are Lotus

And water,


And master.

My love for you

is no secret.

I am the grub

To your ichneumon fly,

The river

To your sea,

The borax

To your gold

Heightening its effect.

Translated by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra.

Kabir: songs of a weaver-7

I have dyed myself

In the colour of Rama / Lord;

It’s the only die

That doesn’t spoil or run.

All the others, says Kabir,

Fade in the sun,

like a Kite on a string

Growing Saint in the sky.

Picture Courtsey: Zatoichi.

Translated by :Arvind Krishna Mehrotra.