Rule of love- 2

The path to the Truth

is a labour of the heart,

not of the head.

Make your heart

your primary guide!

Not your mind.

Meet, challenge and ultimately prevail over your

nafs / false ego with your heart.

Knowing your ego will

lead you to the

knowledge of God.

Shams Tabriz spiritual instructor of  Rumi ❤️❤️


World’s 8 superb lessons worth sharing:

Shakespeare :

Never play with the feelings

of others because you may

win the game but the risk is

that you will surely lose

the person for life.


The world suffers a lot. Not

because of the violence of

bad people, But because of

the silence of good people.

Einstein :

I am thankful to all those

who said NO to me It’s

because of them I did it


Abraham Lincoln :

If friendship is your weakest

point then you are the

strongest person in the


Chralie Chaplin :

Laughing faces do not

mean that there is absence

of sorrow! But it means that

they have the ability to deal

with it.

William Arthur :

Opportunities are like

sunrises, if you wait too

long you can miss them.

Hitler :

When you are in the light,

Everything follows you, But

when you enter into the

dark, Even your own shadow

doesn’t follow you.

Vivekananda :

Coin always makes sound

but the currency notes are

always silent. So when

your value increases

keep quiet.

Forwarded as received.


When Love beckons to you, follow him,

Though his ways are hard and steep.

And when his wings enfold you, yield to him .

you need to him.

Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.

And when he speaks of you,

believe in him.

Though his voice may shatter your dreams

as the north wind Lays waste the garden.


Book: Essential Gibran

Preface by: Males Cheney